Saturday, January 27

9:00 AM | Room 640 (Ground floor) – Opening Remarks

  • Dr. Scott Shamp, Dean of the College of Fine Arts
  • Dr. Dave Gussak, Chair of the Department of Art Education

9:30 AM | Room 640 (Ground floor) – Keynote address

10:15 AM – Coffee Break

* Between sessions on Saturday, please take the time to visit the table hosted by the FSU Art Therapy Association, where there will be activities as well as information about the student chapter’s activities. The table will be on the 3rd floor near the coffee and snacks!

10:30 AM – SESSION 1

Room 3003: Fostering Voice and Civic Engagement through Arts Participation
Chair: Rachel Fendler, Florida State University

  • Flavia Bastos, University of Cincinnati. Critical Digital Citizenship with High School Students: A Participatory Arts-Based Study
  • Rachel Fendler, Florida State University. Through the viewfinder: Problematizing concepts of voice and agency with teen filmmakers
  • Ivanna Pengelley, Florida State University. Stories for Studies

Room 3002. Curriculum Development in Support of Social Justice Art Education
Chair: Lisa Hochtritt, University of Arizona

  • Heidi Powell & Michelle Tillander, University of Florida. Designing Diversity: The Art of Ethical Appropriation
  • R Darden Bradshaw, University of Dayton Ohio. Visual Culture Art Integration: Fostering Student Voice
  • John Ploof, School of the Art Institute of Chicago & Lisa Hochtritt, University of Arizona. Practicing Social Justice Art Education through Creating Collective Curriculum 

11:30 AM – Coffee Break

11:45 AM – SESSION 2

Room 3003. K-12 Project Showcase: Contributions from the Field
Chair: Jeff Broome, Florida State University

  • Jaye-Tremille McNaire, Florida State University. Needles and scraps: Using Collaborative Autoethnography and visual storytelling to rewrite the Dominant narrative of Black and Brown children in public schools
  • Matt Adelberg.Art as Microphone: empowering student voice through transformative art education
  • Jhih-yin Diane Lee, University of Georgia. Promoting social justice through digital activist art against cyberbullying

Room 3002. Thinking with Theory: Methodological Questions
Chair: Rachel Fendler, Florida State University

  • David Herman, Jr., University of North Texas. Perceptual, social justice, and the reoriented marginalized body.
  • Deanna Filiault, Florida State University. Becoming Wide-Awake
  • Emily Jean Hood, University of North Texas. More-than-human Methods: Equity, Sustainability, and Co-creative Research in Art Education

→ 11:45 AM – 1:15 PM | Off-site Workshop, Session A: Waging Peace.

Meet the volunteers at the main entrance to the William Johnson Building for transportation or a guided walk (10 minutes) to The Plant. More information HERE.
Session A runs from 12:00 – 1:15 PM.

12:45 PM – LUNCH

→ 1:15 PM – 2:45 PM | Off-site Workshop, Session B: Waging Peace.

Grab a lunch to go and meet the volunteers at the main entrance to the William Johnson Building for transportation or a guided walk (10 minutes) to The Plant. More information HERE.
Session B runs from 1:30 – 2:45 PM.

2:00 PM – SESSION 3

Room 3003. Community Outreach and Participatory Art Pedagogies
Chair: Lynn Sanders-Bustle, University of Georgia

  • Hyunji Kwon, University of South Carolina. Embodying Trauma in Art Education
  • Kihyun Nam & Lynn Sanders-Bustle, University of Georgia. Possibilities of Emancipatory praxis: A Collaborative Art program with refugee Youth
  • Christopher Carpenter Darling, Kent State University. The Hough Project: Commercial Art, A Correctional Facility, and a Community

Room 3002. Arts Administration: A critical look at policies and practices
Chair: Antonio Cuyler, Florida State University

  • Antonio Cuyler, Florida State University. The Efficacy of Using Service Learning to Teach Arts Administration Students about Social Justice Issues in the Cultural Sector
  • Yuha Jung, University of Kentucky. Encouraging Social Justice Work in Arts Organizations through Legislated Policies
  • Elise Kieffer, Florida State University. When Experience and Expertise are Not Enough: Why relationship building is necessary when introducing the arts to disaffected or underserved populations

3:00 PM – Coffee Break

3:15 PM – SESSION 4

Room 3003. Arts Based Practices: Perspectives for Implementing Change
Chair: Sara Scott Shields, Florida State University

  • Jill Pable, Florida State University. Leveraging a human-centric design framework for meaningful change: The Outreach Tools of Design Resources for Homelessness
  • Katerie Gladdys & Anna Prizzia, University of Florida. Radicle Engagement: Stories and Art About Seed Saving
  • Ana María Marqués Ibáñez, University of La Laguna, Spain. Social documentary photography: Artistic implications for social justice in contemporary art education

Room 3002. Discussions from Critical Disability & Queer Studies
Chair: Jane McPherson, University of Georgia

  • Alexandra Allen, Florida State University. Using Arts Based Research to Explore Disability Identity Development as a Person with Invisible Disabilities
  • Debbie Gerardi, Florida State University. Dynasty Dance Stars, stakeholders’ definition of inclusion in an amateur ballroom dance performance event
  • Paige Smith-Wyatt, Jorge Bustamante, & Cindy Jessup, Florida State University. Unique Beauty: An art lesson based on queer and contemplative pedagogy

4:15 PM – Coffee Break

4:30 PM – SESSION 5

Room 3003. Developing Narratives and Examining Identities
Chair: Ann Rowson Love, Florida State University

  • Nara Kim & Kihyun Nam, University of Georgia. Exploring the Space: A Re-envisioning Multicultural Participatory Art Project
  • Jay Boda, Florida State University. No Rehearsal Required: Developing Reflective Judgment with Readers Theatre
  • Devon Glover, Florida State University. A Town Divided

Room 3002. Mapping the Arts Across Community Contexts
Chair: Christina Hanawalt, University of Georgia

  • Hamida Khatri. Project KALI – Feminist (Art) Pedagogy for Social Justice
  • Samuel Rosenstein, Florida State University. Facilitating the Collaborative Mural Experience as an Act of Creative Placemaking
  • Chance Ramirez, Thresholds, Creative Arts Therapy Team. Community Art Therapy as a Tool for Empowerment in the Lives of Black Women

Room 1060 (First floor) Movement Workshop, led by Hannah Schwadron.
Limited to 20 participants. Click here to SIGN UP.

This interactive demonstration introduces the presenter’s practice of dance improvisation through a focus on its embodied politics of social engagement.  The presenter and collaborating dancers share improvisatory skills, exercises and dynamics through lecture and demonstration components that frame a dance practice premised upon mobilizing “structures for change”.

6:30 PM – Reception

We invite all symposium attendees to the 621 Gallery Annex for a relaxed, social hour (or two). Light snacks and beverages will be provided. Location: 621 Gallery. Railroad Square. 621 Industrial Drive. Tallahassee, Florida 32310

Sunday, January 28

9:00 AM – SESSION 6

Room 3003. Social Justice Approaches in Higher Education
Chair: Jeff Broome, Florida State University

  • Gus Weltsek, Indiana University & Eric Love, University of Notre Dame. Performing a Revolution: A Transgressive Meeting of Diversity Training & Emergent Theatre
  • Jeff Broome, Florida State University. Critical Thinking: Art Criticism as a Tool for Analyzing Instructional Practice and Social Justice Issues
  • Sandra L Bird & Mona M.I. Hussein, Kennesaw State University. From Mecca to America: Crosscultural Exchange in the Art Classroom

Room 3002. Activism and Engagement through Community Arts
Chair: Rachel Fendler, Florida State University

  • Laura Amtower, Community Action Network, Ann Arbor, MI. Kids don’t miss school on art days: Access, equity and engagement in community-based after-school art.
  • Bryna Bobick, University of Memphis. A Survey of Parents at a Urban Art Education Collaboration.
  • Jennifer Hamrock, Viki D. Thompson Wylder, Anna Freeman, Florida State University, and Marcia Meale, Conley Elementary School,  Are We Waging Peace with Waging Peace?

10:00 AM – Coffee Break

10:15 AM – SESSION 7

Room 3003. Equity and Access in Art Education: A Look at Practice and Policy
Chair: Sunny Spillane, UNC Greensboro

  • Sunny Spillane, UNC Greensboro. What’s Wrong with this Picture? Interrogating Landscapes of Inequity in Arts Education 
  • James Francis Wolgom, Humboldt State University. Arts-Based Service Learning Partnerships Towards Aesthetic Parity: Affecting Networked Arts Education Access in an Era of Neoliberal Inequity
  • Leslie Gates, Millersville University. Certification Tests Fail Pre-Service Art Educators of Color

Room 3002. The Ethics and Aesthetics of Everyday Artmaking
Chair: Libba Wilcox, Valdosta State University

  • Libba Wilcox, Valdosta State University. Art Nights: Ritualized Professional Development for Teacher Renewal
  • Danielle Henn, Florida State University. The Porch as Cultural Lens: A Study of Porch Life in Quincy, Florida
  • Audrey Thompson, University of Utah. Play, Progressive Pedagogy, and Paint-by-Numbers

11:15 AM – Coffee Break

11:30 AM | Room 1060 (First floor) – Interactive discussion session

  • Discussants: Jeff Broome, Rachel Fendler, Christina Hanawalt, Jane McPherson, Lynn Sanders-Bustle, Sara Scott Shields
  • In lieu of closing remarks, we will close with an interactive series of round table discussions.

1:00 PM | Finish!


The symposium is pleased to offer two workshop opportunities for this symposium.

Waging Peace * no sign-up required

WHEN: participants can go during Session 2 and/or Session 3 of the symposium.

OVERVIEW: Waging Peace is a citywide community art project developing in the 2017/18 academic year. It brings together over 10 Leon County schools in collaboration with the Museum of Art at Florida State University. In addition, it brings together community artists in a workshop series held at a local DIY art space, The Plant. The inaugural workshop for this series will take place on Saturday, Janurary 27th, during Session 2 and Session 3.

DESCRIPTION: Pods of Peace. How can we both speak with and listen to each other about celebrating and working towards Peace in Tallahassee? During this workshop led by Jennifer Hasksins, we will collectively create “peace pods” out of paper mache using local and national newspapers, balloons, and other inflatable balls. We will paper mâché with newspaper to emphasize what is going on in our community and to create a space for the articles we want to read in our paper. While our peace pods are drying, we will create a work (or works) that expands the dialogue about our important topics and expresses the news you would like to see in our local paper. This can be a written article, a drawing, a painting, a collage, a song, or poem (or whatever you craft) that will be put into a peace pod.

For more information on the workshop, please visit the website:

GETTING THERE: You can meet symposium volunteers at the main entrance to the William Johnson Building for transportation or a guided walk (10 minutes) to The Plant. Departure times are : 12:00 PM or 1:15 PM.

Movement Workshop * sign-up is required, space is limited

DESCRIPTION: Led by Hannah Schwadron, Assistant Professor of Dance at FSU, this interactive demonstration introduces the presenter’s practice of dance improvisation through a focus on its embodied politics of social engagement.  The presenter and collaborating dancers share improvisatory skills, exercises and dynamics that frame a dance practice premised upon mobilizing “structures for change”.

This workshop is limited to 20 participants. To sign up, please do so by following this link:

GETTING THERE: This workshop takes place within the symposium venue. Consult the program for room number.