2023 Call for proposals


This call for papers invites scholars, practitioners, artists, and educators—from the community  and the academy—to share their work in the 11th Art & Education for Social Justice  Symposium. Social justice is a broad objective that inspires an interdisciplinary approach and this symposium asks, how may art and education support such initiatives? The goal of this event is to include and amplify voices that are often on the margins of academia and to share the theories, methodologies, and results of art and education practices that strive to have a direct public impact. The encounter will focus on the guiding question: How are art and education inspiring, affecting, and promoting social change? 

This symposium provides an  opportunity to gain insight into a range of practices aligned with social justice, and aims to start  a conversation across disciplinary areas. This symposium embraces a perspective informed broadly by the notion of cultural pedagogies and looks forward to contributions from both in  and outside the field of education. Inspired by the work of critical theorists, many art and education initiatives develop strategies  for social reconstruction. Current practices suggest that art can support the development of oppositional knowledge by inciting imaginative re-envisionings of the past, present and future. The creative work of doing and making in communities can turn art practice into public praxis, suggesting transformative ways of being together in the world. 

With this aim, the symposium seeks proposals that advance concepts of ADEI (anti-racism/accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion) and discuss interventions in publics, curriculum, policy, institutions, media, and more, to reimagine art and education.  

Questions for exploration could include: 

  • How might foregrounding historically silenced perspectives in institutions offer opportunities to re-envision the past, present, and future? 
  • How do socially and environmentally just artmaking practices incite meaningful change? 
  • How might art and education curriculum mediate spatial politics?
  • How can artists and educators create transdisciplinary coalitions to abolish racism, sexism, and other isms so that everyone may thrive?  
  • How can creative and scholarly work improve relations between individuals, communities, and the world around us? 

Call for participation

Social Justice Matters. Your life’s work matters. You matter.

Our symposium is an invitation to make connections and engage in collaborative communities that will support social justice work in the future. The symposium will include the following participation formats:

  1. Sharing: At the start of the symposium, presenters will have the opportunity to present their research papers and/or presentations on practitioner work. We encourage creative approaches to presentations, and welcome different formats and styles. The aim of this session will be to introduce guiding questions and concepts, current practices, and outcomes.
  2. Collaborating: The second half of the symposium will be composed of round table sessions, where presenters and attendees will be invited to work collaboratively in open-ended discussion and brainstorming sessions. The aim of this format is to allow time for participants to develop partnerships and action items that will support their goals. 

This symposium is a call to action. We invite participants to come prepared to engage, learn, and work together to move our research and projects forward. The symposium committee hopes this event will serve as a starting point for work that can evolve after our event concludes.