Call for papers


This call for papers invites scholars, practitioners and artists to share their work in the 9th Art and Education for Social Justice Symposium. Social justice is a broad objective that inspires an interdisciplinary approach and of interest is how art and design can support such initiatives. The goal of this symposium is to share the methodologies and results of practices that strive to have a direct public impact. The encounter will focus on the guiding question: How are art and design inspiring, affecting, and promoting social change?

Inspired by the work of critical theorists many art and design initiatives develop strategies for social reconstruction. Current practices suggest that art can support the development of oppositional knowledge by inciting imaginative re-envisionings of the past, present and future. The creative work of doing and making in communities can turn art practice into public praxis, suggesting transformative ways of being together in the world. This symposium invites critical analyses of such experiences, in an effort to trace connections from the imaginative power of wide awakeness (Greene, 2001) to current struggles around how to #staywoke.

With this aim, this symposium seeks proposals that respond to the following thematic areas:

  • The power of imagination: Strategies for re-envisioning, re-imagining, or re-conceptualizing our past, present and future.
  • Ethics / aesthetics: Projects that develop and contextualize art making as praxis.
  • Communities, coalitions and collaboration: Critical approaches to participatory projects.
  • The political now: Emergent practices of resistance, resilience and solidarity in the current political climate.

This symposium provides an opportunity to gain insight into a range of practices aligned with social justice, and aims to start a conversation across disciplinary areas. This symposium embraces a perspective informed broadly by the notion of cultural pedagogies and looks forward to contributions from both in and outside the field of education.