2018 Workshops


The symposium is pleased to offer two workshop opportunities for this symposium.

Waging Peace * no sign-up required

WHEN: participants can go during Session 2 and/or Session 3 of the symposium.

OVERVIEW: Waging Peace is a citywide community art project developing in the 2017/18 academic year. It brings together over 10 Leon County schools in collaboration with the Museum of Art at Florida State University. In addition, it brings together community artists in a workshop series held at a local DIY art space, The Plant. The inaugural workshop for this series will take place on Saturday, Janurary 27th, during Session 2 and Session 3.

DESCRIPTION: Pods of Peace. How can we both speak with and listen to each other about celebrating and working towards Peace in Tallahassee? During this workshop led by Jennifer Hasksins, we will collectively create “peace pods” out of paper mache using local and national newspapers, balloons, and other inflatable balls. We will paper mâché with newspaper to emphasize what is going on in our community and to create a space for the articles we want to read in our paper. While our peace pods are drying, we will create a work (or works) that expands the dialogue about our important topics and expresses the news you would like to see in our local paper. This can be a written article, a drawing, a painting, a collage, a song, or poem (or whatever you craft) that will be put into a peace pod.

For more information on the workshop, please visit the website: https://theplantartscenter.wordpress.com/waging-peace-at-the-plant/

GETTING THERE: You can meet symposium volunteers at the main entrance to the William Johnson Building for transportation or a guided walk (10 minutes) to The Plant. Departure times are : 12:00 PM or 1:15 PM.

Movement Workshop * sign-up is required, space is limited

DESCRIPTION: Led by Hannah Schwadron, Assistant Professor of Dance at FSU, this interactive demonstration introduces the presenter’s practice of dance improvisation through a focus on its embodied politics of social engagement.  The presenter and collaborating dancers share improvisatory skills, exercises and dynamics that frame a dance practice premised upon mobilizing “structures for change”.

This workshop is limited to 20 participants. To sign up, please do so by following this link: https://art4socialjustice.wordpress.com/workshop-sign-up/

GETTING THERE: This workshop takes place within the symposium venue. Consult the program for room number.